ultramet1.jpgNazi Super-Science is an Imperialish term that refers to both a devastatingly strong technological lead on the opposition, and also outlandish and futuristic weaponry. The antic originates from popular culture portrayals of German technological efficiency during World War II, where they often deploy robots and Tesla-esque weaponry to fight the Allied forces. This exaggerated aspect of Nazi technology is, however, founded on reality. The Germans were able to go from a crippled, defeated nation to a military powerhouse in just over a decade, and broke many scientific boundaries and made many breakthroughs in the world of military technology, chief among them being their famed aeronautics records. Near the end of the war, a losing Germany greenlighted a number of projects for the purpose of creating a scientific crutch and reverse the tides of war. These projects were called the 'wunderwaffe' (English: Wonder weapon, Imperialish: Wunderwaffle) projects.

Though 'Nazi Super-Science' is a commonly used expression within the Empire, it sees frequent use in Imperial games of Civilization as a term to describe either a massive scientific output or the act of attaining such a high degree of science. Nazi Super-Science plays a key role in Nazi Zombies and Carl of Duty: Black Cops.

The term 'Nazi Super-Science' refers only to the scientific attainment of such weapons, buildings and projects, and also to the futuristic 'steampunk' results of such endeavours. For the real-world phrase describing the quality of German produced products, see German Engineering.